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Korcula Apartments Lily
St Marcs Chatedral Korcula Tower


Dear Miro and Family,

We would like to thank you again for introducing us to your lovely town of Korcula.
We will never forget how wonderful you and the family were and appreciate all the help.
You made us feel welcomed and at home. The apartment was  very pleasant and  we will be
most happy to recommend you to anyone.  I hope someday  you will be able to visit our country
and see what wonderful things America also has to offer.  Croatia is a country to be very proud of.

Most Sincerely and with great thanks,
Leslie, Ray and Paul and David and Susan

California, USA

Korcula Apartments Lily
Red Sunset


Dear host,

Thank you for the apartment you made available here to us. We had a lovely time here in Korcula and a big part of the reason was our apartment.
We were very impressed by your keen attention to detail and thoroughness in that regard. The gate key was yellow; the gate was yellow too. At night a light came on when we entered the gate. The trees were cut attractively over to the path.
The kitchen was well constructed and ideal for two people. Our bed was comfortable, TV was excellent. The place was clean.

Thank you,

Paul Jurd
NSW Australia

Korcula Apartments Lily
Sea Gull on the Roof


Hi Miro
Just to let you know that we had a lovely stay in the apartment. It was comfortable, close to everything, good value and we loved the view. I would recommend it to others.
Thanks for all your help.

Anne Fisher

Korcula Apartments Lily
Crystal Blue Water


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